Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Capps: A Levallois-like Prepared Core Technology in the Southeastern United States

H. Blaine Ensor
Paper Presented at the 65th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina


Heavily patinated stone artifacts from the Capps and Shelley sites, southeastern Alabama are described. A prepared core technology designated as Capps is defined. Capps core technology involves systematic preparation of core surfaces prior to removal of flake/blade blanks or end-products in a Levallois-like manner. This technology resembles Old World Levallois flake-core technology in many respects. While the resemblance of Capps core technology to Old World Levallois core technology is acknowledged, the age and cultural affiliation of Capps technology is presently unknown. This paper provides a basic description of thetechnology and compares it with Late Pleistocene/Holocene lithic technologies in the Southeastern United States.

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