Monday, July 16, 2018

Discussion: Are the Origins of Indo-European Languages Explained by the Migration of the Yamnaya Culture to the West?

Leo S. Klejn, Wolfgang Haak, Iosif Lazaridis, Nick Patterson, David Reich, Kristian Kristiansen, Karl-Göran Sjogren, Morten Allentoft, Martin Sikora and Eske Willerslev
European Journal of Archaeology
February 2018
(Link) open access


Two co-authored articles in Nature (Haak et al., 2015; Allentoft et al., 2015) caused a sensation.They revealed genetically the mass migration of steppe Yamnaya culture people in the Early Bronze Age to central and northern Europe. The authors considered this event as the basis of the spread of Indo- European languages. In response, the Russian archaeologist, Leo S. Klejn, expresses critical remarks onthe genetic inference, and in particular its implications for the problem of the origins of Indo-Europeanlanguages. These remarks were shown to the authors and they present their objections. Klejn, however,has come to the conclusion that the authors objections do not assuage his doubts. He analyses these objections in a further response.

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