Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beringia, The Last 140,000 Years

Marnie Dunsmore

Note:  The bison symbols below indicate when bison crossed Beringia into North America (according to the recent paper in PNAS "Fossil and genomic evidence constrains the timing of bison arrival in North America", Froese et al, referenced below.)

5,000 years ago

10,000 years ago

12,000 years ago

15,000 Years Ago

20,000 Years Ago

25,000 Years Ago

30,000 Years Ago

35,000 Years Ago

Tolbaga, south of Lake Baikal, Siberia, probably about 35,000 years old.

40,000 Years Ago

42,000 Years Ago

45,000 Years Ago

Ust'-Ishim, 45,000 years ago in Siberia

50,000 Years Ago

52,500 Years Ago

55,000 Years Ago

60,000 Years Ago

65,000 Years Ago

70,000 years ago

75,000 years ago

80,000 years ago

85,000 years ago

90,000 years ago

95,000 years ago

100,000 years ago

105,000 year ago

110,000 years ago

115,000 years ago

120,000 years ago

125,000 years ago

130,000 years ago

135,000 years ago

140,000 years ago


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