Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dakota/Lakota Star Knowledge

Annette S. Lee
Jim Rock
Charlene O'Rourke
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This fascinating book, illustrated with astronomer Annette S. Lee's luminescent paintings, beautifully portrays the Dakota/Lakota concept of kapemni, or mirroring, in which geographic features on land are mirrored with stars in the sky.  Many of the Dakota/Lakota most sacred geographic sites have mirrored correlates in the sky.  For example, the Wakan Tipi Cave by Big Waterfalls River has a mirrored correlate in Orion's Belt/Tayamni  Constellation.  This book is a brief but excellent visual introduction to kapemni and other Dakota/Lakota cosmological concepts.

A few constellations/concepts in Dakota/Lakota:

Tayamni - Buffalo -
         related Greek constellations:  Orion, Canis Major, Pleiades

Wiciŋyaŋna Śakowiŋ/Wiciŋcala Śakowiŋ - Seven Girls -
         related Greek constellation: Pleiades

Ahdeska/Agleska - Salamander -
         related Greek constellation: Cygnus

Wanagi Tacaŋku - Spirit Path/Ghost Path - Milky Way

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