Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ma Ninna Iihpawakksskiwa

Ma Ninna Iihpawakksskiwa
(That Man of Scarred Face)
Feeding Sublimity:  Embodiment and Medicine in Blackfoot Experience
Ryan Heavy Head
Master's of Arts Thesis
University of Lethbridge,
Alberta, Canada
pages 30-45
(Link) pdf

Vocabulary of Ma Ninna Iihpawakksskiwa

Naato’si - the Sun
Ko'komíki'somm - the Moon
Ki'sómm - Sun/Moon

Makóyoohsokoyi - the Wolf Road - Milky Way
Iipisówaahsi - Morning Star
Ihkitsíkammiksi – the Seven Stars - the Big Dipper

waahkiaapiksistsiko - be the day midway between the summer and winter solstice - equinox

Amí’tsssokimi – Pacific Ocean

iksistto’simm – be a full moon
i'ni - be the last day of the last quarter (no moon)
inákoi – be the first quarter of the moon
omino'toohsi - second quarter of the Moon

Isskihta' - toward the open prairie - East
Nimm - West
Waami't - West

okan - dead branch
imiihkayii – swan
aapssííkam - whooping crane
sstsiiysskaani - sweatlodge

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