Saturday, February 20, 2016

Píítaiki'somm, Golden Eagle Month, February

Photo of Dog Child, a North West Mounted Police scout,
and his wife, The Only Handsome Woman, members
of the Blackfoot Nation, Alberta, ca. 1890

Mary First Rider
Granddaughter of Dog Child and The Only Handsome Woman
"During Píítaiki'somm, the eagles gather together to take care of their young and of each other.   It is a time of celebration for them.  The male eagles take care of the female eagles.  The female eagles take care of the male eagles.  Especially in the early morning, you can see them talking to each other, encouraging each other . . . teaching each other.   If a young eagle is not doing very well, some of the older leader eagles will take charge and help teach the young eagle.  It is a matter of responsibility and of respect between the eagles to help each other.  The eagles like to tell stories to each other of times past, and express their hopes for the future.  That is how it is with the eagles, and with many other animals and birds.  It was like that for us as well. That is what happens during Píítaiki'somm, Golden Eagle Month."

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