Friday, January 22, 2016

Late Pleistocene horse and camel hunting at the southern margin of the ice-free corridor: Reassessing the age of Wally’s Beach, Canada

Michael R. Waters, Thomas W. Stafford Jr., Brian Kooyman & L.V. Hills
February, 2015
(Link) pdf format, open access

Fig. 1. (A) Map showing the location of Wally’s Beach (j) and other sites: a, Colby, WY; b, Murray Springs, AZ; c, Blackwater Draw, NM; d, Lehner, AZ; e, Domebo, OK; f, Dent, CO; g, Lange-Ferguson, SD; h, Lubbock Lake, TX; i, El Fin del Mundo, Mexico; k, Firelands, OH; l, Manis, WA; m, Lindsay, MT; n, Schaefer, WI; o, Page-Ladson, FL; p, Hebior, WI.

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