Monday, September 7, 2015

Pietrele – A Lakeside Settlement, 5200–4250 BC

Svend Hansen

Without metals a modern industry would not have come into being, nor would there have been any developments that would have led toits emergence. Archaeological investigations conducted since 2004 at Pietrele have made important contributions to the understanding of the Copper Age in Southeast Europe including the construction of a chronological frame-work, based upon radiocarbon datings that can be connected with stratigraphically confirmed sequences in pottery. From research on the flat settlement it has become clear that this settlement not only existed during the time of the settlement mound, but at least 500 years earlier. For the first time it appears possible that the history of the 5th millennium BC can be traced in one single settlement. In the past ten years a great deal of new research has changed the picture of this period, especially regarding chronology.

Figure 22:  Pithos

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