Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Native American Bone, Block and Edge Blown Flutes - Marlon Magdalena

Marlon Magdelena speaking at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Marlon Magdalena


"My name is Marlon Magdalena, aka Ælu'æki or aluaki (translates to "Young Elk"-- Æ and æ are the same sound as the "a" in "hat" and "bat"). It is my Jemez Pueblo name. I am an accepted tribally-enrolled member of Jemez Pueblo, a federally-recognized tribe in New Mexico. I come from the Magdalena Family and the Sando Family, as well as the Panana's and the Vigil's/Mora's. My life is centered around my family and community of Jemez, where I have lived most of my life. I proudly participate in all aspects of Jemez Life; for instance, I speak the Jemez Language, I plant Jemez corn, sing Jemez songs, and dance Jemez Dances. I am proud that I am from a place that still continues our ancient ways of life."

"I currently make and sell 3 kinds of woodwind instruments found in North America; Rim-blown Flutes, Two-Chambered Block Flutes and small bone flutes and whistles. I also make small paintings (mostly of various animals) and traditional crafts (i.e., leather pouches). I give flute performances and flute-making demonstrations as well."

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