Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chinese Xiao (Flute) - Wild Geese Alighting on Sand 平沙落雁 - Zhang Weiliang 张维良

Zhang Weiliang 张维良


Zhang Weiliang is an educator; composer; professor of the China Conservatory of Music; doctoral supervisor; vice chairman of the Beijing Musician Association; President of China Bamboo Flute Society; and Deputy Director of Academic Board of China Conservatory of Music.

"Zhang was a former executive member of the Chinese Musicians Association; Deputy Director of Folk Music Committee and Director of Chinese Music Department in Chinese Conservatory of Music. He was awarded Beijing “Great Teacher” title in 2011; In 2010, he was awarded Beijing Model Worker title and the Ministry of National Education prize for excellence."

"In 2010, Zhang won the instrumental music works competition from the Culture Department for “Weeping Flower”. In 2008, he was in charge of music creation for the 29th Olympic opening ceremony."

"In 1987, 2009 and 2011 he participated in Jiangnan Sizhu competitions and won first price for each."

"Zhang has had three solo concerts at the British Royal Music Hall, cooperated and researched with France Lyon Electronic Musical Centre for electronic music production, had concerts in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Central Concert Hall in USA and concerts in Europe, Asia, America and Africa."

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