Thursday, August 13, 2015

I Forgot to Remember to Forget

Tony Baker    
March 25, 2009

"In 1955 Elvis Presley recorded I Forgot to Remember to Forget and in February of 1956 it became his first number one record. How many baby boomers remember this? In 1957, Marie Wormington wrote in her famous Ancient Man in North America that non-fluted points (Figure 1) were found with extinct Pleistocene mammoths in Mexico (p.97). How many readers remember this?

"Archaeologists, like individuals of other disciplines, have a tendency to forget facts that don't fit their understanding of the world. Now they don't really forget them, they just fail to remember them in their writings and presentations. I believe they do this to present a clean and concise explanation. On the other hand, if they presented all of the contradictory information associated with their explanation, it would appear as conjecture instead of a solid theory. The peopling of the New World has also suffered from this forgetfulness and so this paper has the purpose of remembering some of the forgotten facts.

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                                                  Fluted Clovis Points (13,300 - 12,900 cal. BP)
El Jobo, Monte Verde (14,800 - 13,800 cal. BP)

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