Monday, August 10, 2015

Statistics for Eight Holocene-Aged American Ancient DNA Samples

Raghavan et al.
July 21, 2015

Supplementary Material

"Fig. S13. Heat maps plotting outgroup f3 statistics of the form f3(X, Ancient; Yoruba) for Anzick-1 and seven Holocene-aged samples from the Americas using a SNP chip genotype dataset consisting of worldwide populations (Section S1). This analysis is complementary to the results presented in main text Fig. 4, with the difference between the two stemming from slightly different ancestry painting and masking methods. The plots in the main text are based on masking ‘Method 1’ while the following results are based on ‘Method 2’ (see Section S5). Overall, we find similar results from the two methods relating to the ancestry of these ancient samples and the early genetic diversification patterns amongst Native American ancestors."
Anzick-1 [Rasmussen et al 2014]
10,705 ± 35 14C years BP (approximately 12,707–12,556 calendar years BP)
mtDNA D4h3, Y-chromosome Q1a2* [ISOGG], Q1a3* [Karafet et al]

Kennewick [Rasmussen et al 2015]
8,340–9,200 calibrated years before present (BP)
mtDNA X2a, Y-chromosome Q-M3 [Rasmussen et al.]
MARC1492 [this paper]
Listuguj Mi’kmaq
400 years BP
mtDNA A2+(64)
939, Lucy Islands, West Coast British Columbia [this paper]
Measured collagen based radiocarbon age of 5710±40 BP was obtained for 939 (Beta-317343). Conventional age of 5930±40 BP was also reported by Beta Analytic Inc.  Correlated two-sigma age range:  6260-5890 cal. BP.
mtDNA D4h3a7
Enoque65 [this paper]
Serra da Capivara, Piaui, Brazil
~ 3500 cal BP
mtDNA A2e
Chinchorro mummies [this paper]
Arica, Chile
~5800 cal BP
mtDNA A2

Pericúes, Las Palmas Culture [this paper]
Piedra Gorda, Baja California, Mexico
800-300 years BP

MA577, Selknam (Ona) Culture
Emperaire (1946-1949) and Rousson & Willems mission collections,
Musée de l´Homme in Paris, France.
Isla Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia
mtDNA D1g5
Map (ancient DNA sample locations shown in cyan blue)
mtDNA evolutionary tree


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