Monday, July 13, 2015

Iinnii Initiative: The Return of the Buffalo

Iinnii Initiative
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Vision Statement

Hundreds of generations of Blackfoot have come and gone on the northwestern plains since before and after the melting of the glaciers that covered the northern part of North America.  For all of those generations IINNIIWA has been our relative. IINNIIWA is part of us and we, Sokitapiwa, are part of IINNIIIYA culturally, materially, and spiritually. Our ongoing relationship is so close that we have stories of common consanguinity. IINNIIWA is so close to us that IINNIIWA is the essence of our life and life-ways. We, members of Sokitapiwa, calling ourselves the Buffalo People, hereby declare our intention to revitalize our relationship with IINNIIWA by welcoming IINNIIWA home to again live among us as Creator intended. It is our intention to realize the presence of IINNIIWA among us by doing everything within our means so that we will again live together, to nurture each other culturally and spiritually. It is our intention to provide a space and a safe environment for IINNIIWA so that together we can again nurture our land, our holy plants, and our animal relatives so that we can both realize the Buffalo Ways for our future generations.

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