Friday, March 6, 2015

Comments tolerated on the Eurogenes blog: "get your country straight before you talk to the master race"

I know there are some people in population genetics that are soldiering on, trying to do an objective and thorough job.

That being said, I've noticed over a long time span, and especially in the last few months, that many people publishing in the area of population genetics are not doing an objective and thorough job.  Moreover, they are colluding under pseudonyms, pretending to be amateurs, to promote their work on blogs such as the Eurogenes blog and the Anthrogenica Forum.

Not all the professors who blog on the Eurogenes blog use pseudonyms, so it is more than evident that professors from Stanford Medical School, Harvard Medical School, and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard know about the Eurogenes blog and the widespread use of anonymous blogging by their colleagues.

One of the reasons, among many, that this anonymous blogging is a problem is that if you disagree with the work of these highly unethical professors, they will attack your person. Recently, on the Eurogenes blog, when I disagreed with one of these professors, they called me a "bitch", a "Greek whore", told me to "go and make the dishes" and told me to "get your country straight before you talk to the master race."

I'm not Greek, by the way, but I am married to a Greek American Silicon Valley executive who happens to be an MIT PhD alum.

I have the full time stamped transcript of this tirade.  The comments were deleted, but the perpetrator of this comment is still blogging away with complete liberty on the Eurogenes blog, uncensored.

This kind of behavior is clearly part of a much larger pattern that is tolerated by this group of professors working in the area of population genetics. I'd like to say that they are part of a small group, but unfortunately, masquerading as an amateur to promote ones work on the Internet seems to be quite common in this field. There is considerable public interest in population genetics because people are curious about their origin. Taking advantage of this, some professors are clearly willing to stop at nothing to advance themselves.

Some of the professors participating in or tolerating this kind of behavior accept funds from the National Academy of Sciences.

As I am currently busy writing letters to the appropriate organizations about this highly unethical anonymous blogging,  I will not be blogging again for several months.


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