Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dear Miss Marnie . . .

Dear Miss Marnie:

I'm an untenured professor at a large and prominent technical university in the United States.  I'm writing to you because I have become addicted to researching my Y-chromosome signature and blogging about it.  Some of my obsession about my Y-chromosome has spilled over into flagrant, anonymous, subliminal online sell jobs of my own work on ancient DNA.  I even started my own online genomics forum, and just can't resist the urge to shamelessly self promote both my publications and my Y-chromosome . . .  They're one and the same, in fact.  Please advise.

Anonymous Untenured Academic

Dear Anonymous Untenured Academic:

I do agree that perhaps you need some help.  Most people go through life never knowing, or needing to know, anything about their Y-chromosome signature. (I know it is hard to believe.)  Even if you knew every thing about your Y-chromosome and were, in fact directly descended from Genghis Khan, the fact is that life is short.  You don't want to waste it away, sitting in front of your computer getting fat, instead of, for instance, going out for a walk once in a while.  In the meantime, better to lay off the blogs, at least until you get tenure.

Miss Marnie

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