Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kurgans and Solar Alignment Structures in South-East Kazahkstan

This video captures a number of different burial mound formations and solar alignment structures in South-East Kazahkstan. You can see from the video that most of these features have received very poor archaeological attention.

The speaker notes some "early" cairn type structures.

The rock art shown is remarkably similar to that of Ughtasar Mountain in Armenia. Male wild goats are a common subject of this rock art.

Some of the Kazahkstan features are similar to those at Native American sites in the United States, as the speaker describes.

In fact, there is a whole session on one of these mound sites, Cahokia, at the 2015 AAPA Meeting in St. Louis next mouth. Cahokia is thought to not only be a complex of burial mounds, but also a site where people made astronomical observations.

One take away that I have from this video is that these Kazahkstan structures cannot be assumed to occur only at a recent time. Some appear to be very old, yet we don't know how old, because very few of them have been properly dated.

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