Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Urálás: A New Year's tradition of the Moldavian Hungarian Csangos

The Urálás is a tradition in Moldavia that predates Christianity.
In the late afternoon of New Year’s Eve in Moldavia, groups of young men head off to do the Urálás with whips, the “Bull” (friction drums), and bagpipe or flute (or possibly with a fiddle).  In some locations, Shepherd's Horns and a number of cowbells are included. The text of the Urálás is read as the men take turns delivering the New Year message throughout the long night, moving from house to house.

In some aspects, especially making noise with bells, drums and bagpipes, as well as moving from house to house with tidings for the New Year, this tradition resembles the Ragoutsaria tradition of Kastoria in Northern Greece.

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