Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Тргнало ми лудо младо" on Gaida played by Mile Kolarov

To match the mysterious sounds of the 2 gajdii (bagpipes), this video has some images from ancient ritual festivals at New Year and Spring (surva/сурва, kukeri/кукери, prochka/прочка, mpampougera, babogeri, moumougeri, rougatsaria, rusalii etc) that date back centuries in Thrace (Bulgaria & Greece), Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Transylvania, Ukraine etc.

Motives have even been connected to the ancient cults of Dionysus and also the Avestian/Iranian god Saurva or Suvar.

Also shown are the šarplaninec or šarplaninac (sharplaninets) breed of shepherd dog that is named after the šar planina mountain range bordering the Katlanovo region and Kosovo.

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