Monday, January 19, 2015

My Letter of Application to the JOE PICKRELL Lab Data Scientist Position (for which I received no response)

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Subject: Pickrell Lab Data Scientist Position

Dear Joe,

I’m interested in applying for this position and am attaching my CV.

With regard to the specific mentioned requirements, I have coded a full up GUI in C++.  Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I have done full on software package development.  However, in my undergraduate EE program at Carleton University, I met all course requirements that would have allowed me to graduate with a degree in Computer Engineering.  This would include classes in structured design, algorithms, databases, coding style, etc.  I’ve coded in many languages.  I have not yet coded in Python, but from what I’ve heard, it is easier to code in Python than in C++.  I could probably pick it up quite quickly.

I work daily in a UNIX environment and have for most of my career.

Likely, the key contribution I could make in the short term would be to redo the basis functions in Treemix so that they can handle space-time distributions.  I’ve been looking at various papers and believe I have an idea of how this could be done.  It would also be good to add to the way that the data can be visually represented to allow space-time views.

At least at first, I could do this remotely, which would be more workable for me in the short term.


Marnie Dunsmore
San Francisco, CA

[In addition to having two undergraduate degrees, one in Electrical Engineering (with a minor in Computer Engineering), and the other an Honours Degree in Math and Physics, I also have an Electrical Engineering Masters of Applied Science Degree from the University of British Columbia.  I was two years behind Chris Hadfield at the Royal Military College of Canada and was one of the first women to graduate. I have more than ten years of work experience as a Silicon Valley analog mixed signal designer.  I don't need a job, as I already have a very good one.  However, I think it's interesting that the Pickrell Lab didn't respond to my application.  I also recently noticed that Pickrell and Graham Coop, Pickrell's friend, are now working on space-time distributions.]

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