Monday, April 6, 2015

Mitochondrial DNA control region analysis of three ethnic groups in the Republic of Macedonia

Renata Jankova-Ajanovska, Bettina Zimmermann, Gabriela Huber, Alexander W. Röck, Martin Bodner, Zlatko Jakovski, Biljana Janeska, Aleksej Duma, Walther Parson

(Open Accesss)


A total of 444 individuals representing three ethnic groups (Albanians, Turks and Romanies) in the Republic of Macedonia were sequenced in the mitochondrial control region. The mtDNA haplogroup composition differed between the three groups. Our results showed relatively high frequencies of haplogroup H12 in Albanians (8.8%) and less in Turks (3.3%), while haplogroups M5a1 and H7a1a were dominant in Romanies (13.7% and 10.3%, respectively) but rare in the former two. This highlights the importance of regional sampling for forensic mtDNA databasing purposes. These population data will be available on EMPOP under accession numbers EMP00644 (Albanians), EMP00645 (Romanies) and EMP00646 (Turks).

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