Sunday, January 18, 2015

Adding "Mammals Suck ... Milk" to blog roll

I ran across this funny and well researched blog article about breast feeding and weaning.  I'm adding this blog to my blog roll.

As a mom who breast fed her daughter, it's funny and sad to read some of the stuff on this blog.  I'm glad I did this (breast feeding).  However, I also think that it is a woman's choice.  Attachment parenting and breast feeding are a luxury in the time compressed, corporate workplace focused culture of the world today. 

In short, when it comes to breast feeding to the natural age of weaning, women are forced to choose between a ridiculous juggling act, career damaging prolonged time out of the workforce, poverty, or early weaning and feeding their children formula.  This won't change any time soon.


Here's another well researched blog article from 2011:

Bullshitometer: No, the average age of weaning worldwide is not four years ...

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