Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Estonian Bagpipe, the Torupill

Sandra Sillamaa plays the Torupill with Arno Tamm on guitar
Characteristics of the Estonian Torupill
Bag:  "The bag ("tuulekott", "magu", "kott", "loots", etc.) was usually made of the stomach of a grey seal in the western and northern parts of Estonia and on the islands."   (wiki Link)
Chanter:  "The chanter ("sõrmiline", "putk", "esimik", etc.) was made of juniper, pine, ash or, more seldom, of a tube of cane. It had 5-6 holes. The chanter was single-reeded, generally with a parallel rather than conical bore." (wiki Link)
Drone:  "The drones ("passitoru", "pass", "kai", "tori", "pill", "pulk", "toro") were made of wooden pipes, different in shape and diameter. The number of pipes determined their length. If there is only one, it is quite long, if two, they are both shorter. In some rare cases bagpipes with 3 drones could be found." (wiki Link)

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