Monday, December 29, 2014

Bagpipe-R1b Theory

Marnie Dunsmore

The Bagpipe, strongly differentiated and of ancient origin, most likely originated in SW Asia. It is intimately linked with a pastoral sheep/goat/cattle herding people who also carry an R1b haplogroup signature.

The inseparability of R1b pastoralism and the bagpipe suggest that the instrument fulfilled some essential herding function.

The presence of the bagpipe might be used to narrow in on R1b populations for the purpose of haplogroup evolution testing.

Significantly, the Hausa people of Tropical West Africa play a bagpipe, are a pastoral people and carry the R1b haplogroup in greater than 40% of men.

Differentiation and innovation in bagpipe style, from primitive to finely developed, may also correlate with a westward migration from the cradle of R1b pastoralism.

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[Originally posted by Marnie on Dienekes' Anthropology blog and Matilda's Anthropology blog on January 29th, 2010.]

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