Friday, July 11, 2014

The timing of ostrich existence in Central Asia: AMS C14 Age of Eggshells from Mongolia and southern Siberia (a pilot study)

Evgeny N. Kurochkin, Yaroslav V. Kuzmin, Igor V. Antoshchenko-Olenev, Vladimir I. Zabelin, Sergey K. Krivonogov, Tatiana I. Nohrina, Ludmila V. Lbova, G.S. Burr, Richard J. Cruz

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 268 (2010) 1091–1093
Available online 7 October 2009
(Link) open access


The presence of Asiatic ostrich in Central Asia in the later Cenozoic time is well-documented; nevertheless, few direct age determinations existed until recently. We performed AMS C14 dating of ostrich egg-shells found in Mongolia, Transbaikal, and Tuva. It shows that ostriches existed throughout the second part of Late Pleistocene, until the Late Glacial time (ca. 13,000–10,100 BP). It seems that Asiatic ostrich went extinct in Central Asia just before or even in the Holocene.

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