Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pipes and Hunting Calls of the South Siberian Tuva

    Tuvan Stamp of a Maral (Caspian Red Deer)

    from "Hunting Techniques" in Nomads of South Siberia
    Sevyan Vainshtein
    Cambridge University Press
    pages 172 and 173

"Marals were hunted with the aid of pipes (murgu in eastern Tuva, amyrga in the west), which imitated the call of the male.  They were between 69 and 70 cm long and were made in the following way:  a piece of cedar wood was carved into a conical shape; it was then cut in half, and the two halves were hewn out, fastened together, and wrapped up in birch bark; the pointed end was inserted into a horn mouthpiece with a hole in it.

"When hunting roe-deer or musk-deer, the Tuvinians used a special squeaker called ediski, a piece of birch bark about 4.5 by 5cm, which was folded double.  It was used also by the Shors, who called it by the same name; by the Khakass, who called it symyskha or symysky; and by the Kirghiz and the Mongols."
See also:

Nachyn Choodu  playing the Tuvan amyrga

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