Monday, March 17, 2014

Experimental Confirmation of the Inflationary Big Bang Theory of the Universe

The BICEP-2 Telescope at the South Pole

My daughter was off school today, so we decided to head to the California Academy of Sciences.  We had to catch the latest planetarium show on The Dark Universe.  What a strange coincidence.  The scientist introducing the show announces that a cornerstone of the Big Bang theory, the inflationary model, has been experimentally confirmed by scientists at the South Pole BICEP-2 telescope.  As a quick explanation of the significance of this discovery, the inflationary model seeks to explain the apparent uniformity in the cosmic microwave background radiation which was first discovered by Arno Allan Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson at Bell Labs in 1964.  Microwave background radiation has cosmological significance, but also practical significance for radio communication. 

One of the puzzles of this discovery was why the microwave background would be uniform.  Everywhere you look in the sky, you see the same level of background radiation.  To explain this, Alan Guth in 1979 proposed the inflationary model to try to explain it.  He argued that if the universe had expanded very quickly in its first instant, that would account for the uniformity.

It appears that scientists at the BICEP-2 Telescope today have found evidence of this very rapid expansion.  The announcement was made this morning.

Here are a few articles I think do a good job of presenting the discovery:

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