Friday, January 31, 2014

Joe, now I can get up and have my coffee with a smile on my face

Update:  Joe "not totally willing to blame the reporter here".
Good point, Joe.  Actually, I've been getting "call and hang up" phone calls several times a day on both my cell and home number.  These calls began on about January 23rd or 24th, one or two days after the Paleoanthropology:  Homo erectus and the Limits of a Paleontological Species paper was posted here on this blog.  It's probably unlikely that a Fox News reporter would grasp the significance of such a paper so quickly after it was published.


  1. Yes, Marnie!! The Vatican, ironically, comes through with a sensible approach to language and concepts. I think it might be because critical thinking and reflection are taught in Catholic seminaries and such issues like the divide between scientific reasoning and metaphoric thinking are deeply explored. Most population geneticists have had little exposure to the humanities and social sciences and consequently rely on folk cultural concepts to interpret their findings (in addition to following the funding streams).

  2. Well, Roy, it seems we've made the press. Fox News has grabbed onto your metaphorical "Adam" reference.

    Also, I'm getting phone calls from someone who calls and hangs up every time I publish something on my blog on this topic.

    Hmmm, I guess Fox News and their buds are not beyond a little intimidation.

  3. Jeremy A. Kaplan is the Science and Technology editor at Fox News.

    He is the author of the article that is referred to in Joe and Dan's post discussed in their twitter conversation.

    I would hope that I stop receiving phone calls. If the phone calls continue, I will be contacting the police.

    1. Marnie--that's awful! It sounds like Fox News/conservative press are not above bullying to get their messages across. Is it that we are trying to shed light on murky biblical metaphors applied to science? I have heard that it has been very difficult to get funding for human population genetics work from NIH because of the influence of American style biblical literalism on Congress. Europe has institutes that support such research generally on scientific merit rather than on propaganda.

    2. Roy, I'm not entirely sure that it is the press. See my "Update" comments above.

      Thanks for treating me to lunch yesterday at the Iris & Gerald Cantor Center for the Visual Arts at Stanford. Also, thanks for introducing me to one of the featured artists, Elizabeth Murray.

      Well have to go again soon.

    3. Marnie, thanks. I really enjoyed lunch--we'll go again soon.


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