Sunday, November 10, 2013


Today is Remembrance Day in countries of the British Commonwealth.

"Return to the Front:  Victoria Railway Station" by Richard Jack, 1916

Robert Austin Cunningham, great uncle
        Métier before the war:  plasterer
        73rd Battalion, Royal Highland Regiment (Infantry)
        Born:  Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada
        Volunteered in 1915
        Date of Death:  March 21st, 1917
        Age at Death:  23
        Buried:  Etaples Military Cemetery, France
Wilfred Grant Dunsmore, grandfather
        Métier before the war:  student, graduated McGill Agriculture, 1917
        66th Field Battery, 14th Brigade, 5th Divisional Artillery, RCA (Montreal)
        (Heavy Artillery)
        Born:  Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada
        Volunteered in 1916
        Survived the war
Gordon Clark Bradley, great uncle
        Métier before the war:  administrator, life of the party
        103 Royal Air Force Squadron
        Warrant Officer First Class (Air Gunner)
        Born:  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
        Volunteered in 1939
        Date of Death:  August 3rd, 1943
        Age at Death:  36
        Buried:  Commonwealth Cemetery, Ohlsdorf, Hamburg, Germany

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