Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Voice of the Common Man

A short video on the life and message of Woody Guthrie (10 minutes, youtube)


  1. I used to have several Woody Guthrie records but now have just one CD. I was not aware of the existence of the 'last stanza', so thanks for that. He wrote a book "Bound for Glory". Don't know if you've read it. A good story but probably not the entire 'truth'. I think the bits of woody talking are from Alan Lomax's interviews. Bob Dylan wrote a "Song to Woody" in which he stole one of Woody's tunes (can't think which one at the moment):


  2. Thanks! Great song.

    Yes, I've read "Bound for Glory" and yep, Woody was recorded by Alan Lomax.

    Here's more Woody being recorded by Alan Lomax. I love the way he talks in these recordings.



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