Sunday, October 21, 2012

A request regarding blogger comments

I'd like to allow people to comment freely on this site.  However, I ask that comments use scientific language as much as possible.  Please avoid using terms such as genetically pristine, pure and race.  The common term is now genetically isolated. Also, words such as Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid are no longer in common usage.  Please use European, Asian, Central Asian, East Asian, African, or even better, West African, Nilo-Saharan, San, etc., as the case may be.  Perhaps it is my bias, but as far as I am concerned, there is only one human race.  In fact, many mammals and birds display qualities of empathy, intuition, rationalism, and humanity and our concept of ourselves as uniquely possessing these qualities is increasingly in question.  Thank you!


Onur said...
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Marnie said...
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Maju said...

I use both types of terminology and typically use quotations marks for anthropometric concepts like "Caucasoid", etc. I really do not like them being abused but I do not think they are wrong either: they can be useful descriptive shorthands.

As for "race", I'm neutral: it exists as much as it does not, being a category that is elusive, uncertain but also existent to some extent.

What I really don't like is aggrandizing these concepts to absolute categories and I did have to ban Onur from my blog for insisting to use the concept "hybrid" for modern humans, what I feel very offensive towards people of mixed ancestry specially. He's very stubborn.

Marnie said...
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Marnie said...



It's just my personal preference, but terms like "race" and "Caucasoid" bug me. They're like scientific terms of yesteryear.

Hybrid for humans? Well, if Onur insists, then all Eurasians may be hybrids if Neanderthals were a different species from modern humans . . . but even that's not clear. So what's the point of using such a term? Better to just say admixed, state the known or suspected populations and the suspected timeframe.