Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kuri Cattle of Lake Chad

Nomads of the Islands [of Lake Chad]

The Kuri cattle of Lake Chad are an unusual and sadly rapidly disappearing breed of cattle. They are adapted to the Lake Chad region.  It is unclear at this point as to whether they were domesticated in Lake Chad, the Nile, or somewhere else.  Traditionally, they have been known for their highly unusual horn shape, as discussed here in this database.  With the disappearance of Lake Chad, the survival of lake adapted Kuri cattle is under threat as herders struggle to hybridize their animals with more drought tolerant breeds.  In this video, their are no animals with the traditional bulbous Kuri cattle horns, showing that the nomads in the video have already hybridized their herds.  Although the bulbous horns are not preserved in these herds, these cattle clearly have preserved their lake adapted Kuri cattle swimming ability.

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