Monday, April 16, 2012

Nabta Playa

Except from Nabta Playa-Kiseiba Region:  Neolithic Egypt in the Western Desert by K. Kris Hirst (Link)

"The first settlements in the Nabta Playa-Kiseiba Region date to the El Adam phase, ca 10,800-9,800 cal BP. El Adam phase settlements are sites with hut foundations with central hearths. The sites are characterized by a lithic tool kit dominated by bladelets, perforators, and large endscrapers made from Egyptian flint, the source of which is located about 75 km north of Nabta Playa. Animal bone found at El Adam sites include cattle, gazelle, hare, jackal, turtle, rodents and birds. El Adam cattle are likely wild, although some scholars believe that the process of domestication began during this period."

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