Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Neanderthal Introgression In and Out of Africa

John Hawks posts today on the work of his team as they look at introgression of Neanderthals into Human Populations.  Several of the discoveries are new, including one where he finds evidence of greater Neanderthal introgression in a West African population, Yorubans, compared to an East African population, Luhyans.

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Additionally, Maju at the "For what they were... we are" blog, writes a good critique:

Splitting hairs with the Neaderthal affinity

Hawks writes "As we look more closely at the particular gene regions shared between each individual and the Neandertal, we will be able to consider the approximate time that they shared an ancestor for each gene region. That will allow us to distinguish incomplete lineage sorting (ILS) from introgression, although the two will overlap to some extent. We will rely on that test to examine hypotheses about the time and place of population mixture."

So ... we're waiting, with bated breath!

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