Friday, May 13, 2011

Middle Paleolithic seasonally restricted unselective reindeer killing in Northern Germany

"The reindeer assemblage from Salzgitter Lebenstedt indicates a procurement tactic different from the evidence provided by the bovid assemblages. Hunting at Salzgitter Lebenstedt can be characterized as seasonally restricted unselective killing with subsequent exploitation of only high nutritional resources. The topographic setting of Salzgitter Lebenstedt, in a small, steep valley which joins a major wide river valley is extremely well suited for hunting reindeer (Spiess, 1979) and is comparable to the German Late Glacial camps Meiendorf and Stellmoor in the Ahrensburger Tunnel valley(Rust, 1943; Tode, 1953; Gronnow, 1987; Bratlund, 1996). For the Ahrensburgian level(Dryas 3, ca. 12000 CAL. BP) at the latter site, patterns of reindeer exploitation were interpreted along the same lines as for Salzgitter Lebenstedt (Gronnow, 1987). The Ahrensburger Tunneltal and Salzgitter data indicate a remarkable degree of similarity in the physical treatment of reindeer prey by late Glacial hunters (Gaudzinski & Roebroeks, 2000)."

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