Friday, January 28, 2011

Mutation Rate Estimates for Y-chromosome STRs

Reading these papers on the divergence of various populations, I realize that the y-chromosome mutation rate is at the crux of dating.  Without this, we may have phylogeny, but not a good dating of events.  It seems less meaningful to know how populations are related, than to know they are related but also be able to date their divergence and relate it to climatic, geological and archaeological events.

I'm posting papers on the y-chromosome mutation rate as I read them.  (The mtDNA result is not as precise.)

Here's two more papers:

Variation of 52 new Y-STR loci in the Y Chromosome Consortium worldwide panel of 76 diverse individuals
Lim, S; Xue, Y; Parkin, E; Tyler-Smith, C

Mutation rate estimates for 110 Y-chromosome STRs combining population and father-son pair data
Burgarella, C; Navascues, M

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