Monday, December 27, 2010

Geographical Structure of the Y-chromosomal Genetic Landscape of the Levant: A coastal-inland contrast

El-Sibai et al

Results:  "The J1 and J2 (Fig. 5A) sister clades depicted a clear non-uniform geographic distribution of STR haplotypes and few instances of haplotype sharing across geographic regions. Consistent with previous analyses, coastal Levantine regions were well represented in the J2 network. Some evidence of sharing with Jordan was also apparent. The J1 network was dominated by inland Levantine samples (mainly Jordan and inland Lebanon and Syria). The R1b network showed much less geographic correlation, possibly because most of the R1b chromosomes have entered the region recently (Fig. 5B). In fact, without extra-Levantine representation of R1b to establish context, it is difficult to identify where these R1bs originated. Finally, E1b1b showed a clear demarcation between the Levantine STR haplotypes and North African STR haplotypes, with a lower diversity among North African STR haplotypes than among Levantine STR haplotypes (Fig. 5C). 91 STR haplotypes belonged to the E1b1b1 haplogroup within the Levantine population compared to 60 STR haplotypes within the North African population (Table S6)."