Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Behar et al, Revisited

Figure 2 of the Behar et al paper contains an important Cluster Plot, which can be used to help describe the Fertile Crescent and Mediterranean "traversals" I am using.   

An Admixture plot of Middle Eastern populations can be ordered using the three primary components (West Asian, Southern European, Southwest Asian).  These ordered populations describe a traverse from Georgians, Iranians, through various Jewish populations to the Bedouin, as illustrated by the red curve below, which is superimposed on Figure 2 of the Behar et al paper:

In Ashkenazi and Syrian Jews, the population traverse, again drawn in red, extends from Iraqi Jews through Cypriots, to Ashkenazi Jews.  Sephardic Jews are contained within the Ashkenazi cluster:

The Behar Figure 2 results are two dimensional, but they give you an idea of the shapes and relationships of population clusters.  However, the Admixture multi-dimensional results tell you more about fine structure of the components that compose populations.  It can also tell you in greater detail the specific components by which populations are related or different.  Both results are extremely useful in understanding population history and ideally should be used together.

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