Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tuscan Background Population: Who Are They?

Working with three guesses for the Fertile Crescent contributor to Tuscans, we can guess at the proportion of a Fertile Crescent contribution to Modern Tuscans.  That proportion varies from about 24% to 42%. 

One way or another, these travellers from the east integrated with non Fertile Crescent Tuscans.  One wonders who was in Tuscany before the arrival of the easterners.  It's clear that Southern Europeans were.  Their signature is everywhere in the Mediterranean.  The composition of nearby Modern Sardinians, who are composed of 96% South Europeans, leaves little doubt that South Europeans also were the dominant population in Tuscany before the Eastern arrival. 

There is also a North European component in Tuscans.  Depending on where in the Fertile Crescent the Easterners arrived from, there could be a West Asian contribution to Tuscans that did not arrive directly from the Fertile Crescent. 

That's one reason I've been calling the background population "Mystery Composite".  We don't know the proportions of "Sardinian" versus other non Fertile Crescent populations.  We'll call these Non Fertile Crescent populations the Tuscan Background Population.

For now, we can plot the Northern European verses Southwest Asian "possibility" space for the Mystery Composite Tuscan Background Population:

Next, using the same Fertile Crescent Cypriot-Syrian-Anatolian Triangle used for Tuscans, we'll look at the background Northern European vs Western Asian possibility space for Northern Italians. 

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