Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kuromu Aye Dinn (The Country is Quiet)

Not flute.  The song is a celebration of peacefulness and cultural unity.  It's from Ghana, West Africa.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bamboo Flutes Exploration

Dear Readers,

For the sake of reducing the scope of this exploration, I'm focusing here only on end blown bamboo flutes and their variants, not transverse flutes.  I'm also focusing primarily on bamboo.

Some initial observations so far are that there are traditions of bamboo flute making in every area of the world where there is bamboo. Even given the constraints of physical sound making, which conserves fundamental flute dimensions, it is interesting to see the regional variation, or not, of bamboo flute making across the world.

Bamboo World Ecozone

Bamboo flutes vary according to scale, key, length, number of holes, and reeds (or not).  For the next month or so, I'll continue to put up videos and other material on bamboo flutes.  After that, I intend to organize the flutes and compare them.

The above picture of a bamboo forest is from the Summit Garden in Vanuatu.

Wishing you well,